Sunday, February 28, 2010

Trip Description

There is a team of 8 (Jon and Julia Sybrant, Tom, Julia, Matthew Butz, Mike Klismith, Joel Anderson, Dan (Erik's cousin, he doesn't have a last name). Wycliff Bible translators have many locations across Africa, and these trips are designed to allow people an opportunity to help construct facilities used for Bible translation. Specifically, in 2006 Wycliff decided that it was time to move back to Sudan. Sudan is sill recovering from 18 years of war. During these years of war, Wycliff had to move away from Sudan, and squatters moved into the facilities. God protected the compound in amazing ways. None of the storage containers that had been left behind were broken into. Though a bomb came through the roof of the guesthouse, it didn't explode. God's hand has been protecting the property from any major damage, but the facility is still in need of major work to return it to a fully functional compound. There is no shortage of work needed to keep a team busy.

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