Monday, February 22, 2010

Support Raising

The mission trip requires significant financial resources, with an estimated cost of $2,677 per person, which includes airfare, and in country expenses. Total cost for three people is a stunning $8,031 for Julia, Matthew and I. Late in 2009, we drafted a support letter and began sending out the letters explaining our vision to go on the trip. We got to a point where we had about 2/3 of the support raised, and were totally amazed how God was working to bring in all the support. We have learned so much from this process, in how God can move in people's hearts to provide the funds. I (Tom) reached a crucial issue with needing to hear from God at the 2/3 point in support raising. (obvious note: 2/3 support would mean only 2 of us would be able to go). God was saying that I needed to really go to the mat with Him in asking to hear from Him. God worked this out by giving me a big "no" at first, and then a "yes" once I really gave it to Him, I received confirmation from God to go. The later stages of support raising were amazing. We had sent out an email indicating that we were very close. God was moving in the hearts of people, and we received an email indicating that this family was willing to provide a very generous gift. In this time frame, we also received a call from someone who had already given generously, and they asked if we needed anything more. We let them know the amount, and they were insistent on making sure we were not short-changing ourselves. God provided the full amount needed for the trip. What an amazing array of people hearing from God, and doing His will, all within the belief that everything belongs to God.

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