Sunday, February 28, 2010

Prayer Requests - Tom Feb 28 2010

As we are within four days of leaving, there is more temptation to be anxious for pulling all the details together, and making sure we have everything we need to get ready for the trip. Julia has been doing a great job pulling the final list together of what to remember. Please pray for the following

1. Final packing details on what to bring, including many details on what to bring for the construction work
2. Strong devotion to God on a daily basis to make sure we are getting spiritually fed each day so we don't go into the trip being half starved spiritually
3. Get personal finances in order to make sure bills are paid while we are gone
4. Preparing Seth to watch household, taking care of chickens and other household responsibilities
5. Standing strong on God's promises to remember His direction in leading us on this trip.
6. Tom to get much accomplished with work before leaving on the trip, and to make sure there is a smooth transition in making sure that jobs with clients continue smoothly.

Thanks for praying.

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