Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hard Things

The hard thing about hard things is that they are hard. It sounds so
obvious. We don't tend to like hard things and tend to shy away or run
from them every chance we get. Being an athelete involves making
decisions to do hard things that most people avoid like the plague.
Deciding to be fit and eating better are other examples of deciding to
do hard things with an expected benefit. What if hard things happen
that we can't control. Suddenly we are 100% sure these are from hell
and we must do all we can (control) to change the situation or the
person to "get it back on track". Oh, the logic rings so true in our
heads, and we spout our self protecting frosting to all that will
listen. God has a purpose in taking us through hard things, hard
things that we can't control. Check out James 1 and Romans 5 for
starters. Just as we can easily see health benefits to exercise and
eating well, God sees character benefits to taking us through hard
things. So the next time you see a little kid kicking and sceaming
when they don't get a piece of candy in the grocery store, remember
this might be how we look when we kick and scream emotionally when we
are going through sonething hard. God has designed hard things to
grow our character to be more patient, more loving, and less selfish.
We can be more like God if we follow his plan of growing through hard
things, instead of acting like that repulsive little brat in the
grocery store.

Tom Butz

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