Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ahhh... the Weather

We normally have the luxury of transitioning from the deep freeze to spring, and then summer. My son was heading out for a walk the other day when it was sunny and 40.... without a shirt. This didn't go over too well with dad, and I was seen racing after him on the snowmobile with a shirt on my head. Later he thanked me for the providing the extra covering.

I have a link on my phone to look ahead at the 15 day forecast for Juba Sudan. There is a storm expected on Friday this week, but by the time we get there next week after spending a few days in Kenya, it is expected to be over 100 degrees each day through the end of the 15 day forecast. Starting March 9, 105, 105, 106, 108 107, 108 108, 107, 109 ... At least it will be 70's at night, but this is going to be a cook off, and we are the ribs and chops. I am sure it will be a dry heat, but it will certainly be a shock. Pray for our strength to be able to work in the heat during the day and act like we are enjoying the tea when it is this hot. It is 16 degrees this morning in Zimmerman, so we looking at a 90 degree difference when we are working in Juba.

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  1. Ufda!! That's somewhat intimidating! Maybe you should put an electric blanket on the bed tonight and turn it up to high, just to start adjusting. And you could crank up the woodstove--bet you could get that house cooking! BTW, y'all would make a lousy pack of ribs. There's not one of you has any meat to speak of... Bon voyage, and God bless you mightily!!